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My Fellow Citizens,

The best is yet to come! Over the next four years, Danville will continue to become one of the best places in the Midwest to live, work, invest, and play! Quality of life, such as housing, recycling, shopping and dining options, will be so good that those who live here will stay and opportunity will be so great that our young people will return home after training/college/military service to build their lives. Our beautiful parks, multimodal transportation network, vibrant cultural outlets, and hospitality will draw visitors from across the country, and many of them will choose to make Danville home.


Our business-friendly approach and reputation for progress will become nationally known, and that, combined with our great location and high-caliber workforce will make us a city of choice for new companies. In our city, everyone will work for the greater good, and because of that, everyone will thrive!  

Together, we will capitalize on the momentum we’ve already built in our 5 pillars of progress to help bring this vision to reality:

Strong Stewardship

  • Continue paying off debt early so that we can save you money while also improving the city’s credit rating. Excess funds will be used to make road and other infrastructure improvements and help pay down pension liabilities.

  • Use the vast majority of casino revenue to make extra Police & Fire pension payments.  This will allow them to be fully funded in 10-15 years and allow us to eliminate the Public Safety Pension Fee, saving you hundreds of dollars each year.

  • Continue multi-year budgeting & capital planning to allow for proactive management of our amenities, which will allow us to complete more infrastructure work with your tax dollars.

  • Implement efficient electronic payment options for all city transactions to make it as easy as possible for citizens and businesses.


Economic Expansion

  • Build strong partnerships with investors and private foundations to prepare sites for redevelopment at locations such as the SE corner of Fairchild & Vermilion. New developments at the NW corner of the same intersection will be announced soon.

  • Continue forming creative solutions to fill all vacant/partially vacant commercial properties, including the Village Mall.

  • Continue fueling Downtown revitalization through a combination of the $3 Million RISE Grant, private investment, and the use of TIF funds to support local small businesses.

  • Leverage new developments such as Carle at the Riverfront, Golden Nugget Danville, Turk and Kirchner projects to propel further economic investment.


Improved Infrastructure

  • Continue aggressive maintenance, repair, and replacement of streets and sidewalks, including 20-25% of streets in 2023 alone.  

  • Develop a solar installation at H&L landfill that either powers the city or provides funding to pay our power bills.

  • Complete major stormwater improvements, including 7 of the top 10 projects in the Stormwater Master Plan, which will eliminate flooding in various neighborhoods.

  • Perform high-priority sewer improvements include inspecting, maintaining, or replacing at least 10% of sewer systems.


Safer Streets

  • Hire 3 additional police officers, increasing the force to 70. This will allow for the implementation of the new Street Crimes Unit, and help us get violent criminals off the street.

  • Leverage grant funding and partnerships with other entities to maximize law enforcement capabilities, which will result in decreased criminal activity.

  • Fully staff the Fire Department for the 1st time in nearly a decade, and use the SAFER grant to hire 6 additional personnel which will nearly eliminate overtime.

  • Complete assessment of fire station conditions and locations to ensure the best protection of people and property.


Community Care

  • Finalize and implement city-wide branding initiative to continue improvement of internal and external perceptions of our community and our image outside of Danville.

  • Continue strategic demolitions to eliminate blight, improve safety, shore up property values, and prepare neighborhoods for housing infill.  We are currently working on two such housing developments.

  • Continue major park renovations, including but not limited to: Garfield Park & Pool redevelopment, installation of pickleball courts at Liberty Park, installation of additional 9 holes of disc golf at Ellsworth, improved youth football fields at Carver & Douglas Parks, & the development of the Riverfront & Westside Trails Plans which will connect the Kickapoo Rail Trail to Downtown Danville.

  • Double the number of Neighborhood Associations and triple participation in them.


I hope you will agree that a vote for me between now and April 4th is a vote for PROVEN PROGRESS that will propel us into a PROSPEROUS FUTURE! If we work together to keep the momentum going, we will surely make Danville one of the best places in the Midwest to live, work, invest, and play! Thank you for your consideration and support; I’ll work hard every day to earn and keep it. 


Most sincerely,


People trust their friends and family.


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The most important thing you can do between now and April 4th is


to give Mayor Williams another 4 years to continue delivering on his promises as he did during his first term!


You can financially support

The Mayor Williams Campaign

by mailing a check to:

Citizens for Williams

607 W Madison 

Danville, IL 61832

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